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Arts, Culture & Heritage

Artists and museums around the world utilise 3D scanning to digitise, store and reference fragile art pieces and artefacts.

Being able to preserve historical or cultural objects and present them in a way that can be accessed anytime, anywhere is invaluable. Capture form, colour and scale with our 3D scanning expertise.

3d scanning sector History


Digitally preserve fragile objects

Not only is 3D scanning non-contact, once you have the scan data the objects can be archived

Archive data in an easy-to-process way

Once scanned, the data can be organised and the objects stored for the long term to reduce risk

Inspect, analyse or observe artefacts

Measuring or closely inspecting important objects manually can be a risky task

Scale and manipulate digital models

Scaling up and 3D printing art or artefacts paves the way for enhanced experiences

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Arts, Culture & Heritage

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