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Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR & VR)

AR & VR studios and creatives are using 3D scanning to create a familiar link to reality users crave in an increasingly digital world.

Taking the real, physical world into the digital realms unlocks the previously unseen potential of the digital world - a true link to reality. Scan real-world items and use them across exciting digital media platforms, from websites to games and safety apps to digital catalogues.

3d scanning sector special effects


A digital link to reality

Create digital versions of real-life items to bring the real world into the web, games or VR experiences

Digital representations of real-world items

Bring real-world items such as furniture, branded goods or new designs into AR experiences

Enhance, customise or manipulate digital data

Use the digital data to quickly change colourways or experiment with design variations

View, resize and move data in the digital world

Scale, reshape or explore real-world items like never before and share them worldwide

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Automotive & Motorsport

Industrial Manufacturing

Aerospace & Defence

Power Generation

Consumer Products



Robotics & Machinery

Arts, Culture & Heritage

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