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Measurement services

2D and 3D dimensional inspection services for your manufactured parts

Validate the precision of manufactured parts with 3D scanning. Enhance your quality control strategy by measuring or comparing part dimensions, geometric characteristics and surface form.

Review the dimensional quality of parts with part-to-part, part-to-CAD or single-part measurement inspection

We can bring inspection to your shop floor. Portable 3D scanning enables inspection on the shop floor, outside or in the press reducing manufacturing interruptions

3D scanning is perfect for measuring parts that are too big or impractical to measure with a CMM. Parts that cannot be extracted from a larger assembly can also be measured without the need to dis-assemble.

Powerful metrology

Delivering precision measurement

3D scanning can prove crucial for quality control, first article inspections, and evaluating damage or wear. Efficiently identify specification deviations by comparing physical parts to CAD designs or defined quality standards.

Varied reporting

From colour maps highlighting tolerance violations to 2D sectional measurements, we cover a board spectrum of inspection requirements

Full surface data

Surface deformation trends are difficult to visualise from a list of numbers generated by a CMM. We create colour maps that show deformation trends clearly

Jig & fixture validation

Ensure jigs and fixtures are set up correctly before measuring as leaving them un-validated may result in an unreliable measurement environment

Non-contact data capture

Contact measuring certain types of parts or assemblies such as thin foil diaphragms may deform during a contact measurement and report unreliable data

Spotting trends

3D Colour Maps

Visualise discrepancies graphically and accurately with a 3D colour map deviance analysis. Colour maps are generated when comparing scan data to a verified CAD model where different colours represent different levels of variance from the nominal target geometry.

By providing a clear, visual representation of discrepancies, this method identifies areas requiring adjustment or further inspection, making it an effective tool for quality control and ensuring parts conform to their intended design.

Specific characteristics

2D Section Measurement

Review 2D characteristics of your part or assembly quickly and accurately to verify the dimensions of surfaces or features.

2D sections can be used to compare scan data to CAD data and provide a measuremnt or a deviance colour plot. They can be used conjunction with engineering drawings to accurately inspect specific features the way they are dimensioned on the drawing including any datums.

Review deviance

Scan-to-CAD Inspection

Comparing scanned parts to production CAD data enables engineering teams to understand how the manufacturing process and the parts produced deviate from the specification.

3D scanning captures the most complete version possible of a part. Something that a CMM cannot compete with.

Process inspection

CAD Independent Analysis

Ensuring the precise and efficient measurement of parts is essential for effective part validation and approval.

A CAD model is not a requirement in a 3D scanning inspection. The dimensions, surface features, and other essential aspects of each part can be captured and examined to identify any deviations specified standards.

Part measurement support

Have a part, assembly or inspection task where CMM is not viable?

We use 3D scanning to bring reliable measurement to the part and generate powerful part insights for process validation.

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