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Capturing reality

We use 3D scanning to quickly and accurately create a digital likeness of an object

Whether on-site or in our studio, we're able to capture parts of large or small scale for inspection, replication, or documentation.

Powerful data

Metrology grade 3D scanning measuring hundreds of thousands of points a second to an accuracy of 0.03mm

Optimise resource

Complicated details and complex surfaces are a challenge to measure and recreate by hand and drain resource

Digital twin

Scan data takes up no physical space, requires no maintenance and can be CFD/FEA tested repeatedly


Conventional measuring of soft items changes their size whilst 3D scanning doesn't deform the object in any way

Reverse Engineering

Using 3D scanning to facilitate the creation of new and usable CAD geometry gives frees up design and engineering resource that is better spent elsewhere.

Need a part reverse engineered? Learn more

Measurement Inspection

Compare real-world outcomes against the original design intent CAD and make sure they are created to the right dimensions or assembled correctly.

Require part measurement? Learn more

Reference Data

Mesh data can be used as a surface reference when a precise fit or spatial constraints apply, or as a simulation mesh body for CFD/FEA/etc.

Colour Digitisation

Create an accurate representation of real-world geometry and forms in full colour allowing them to be investigated, referenced or manipulated anywhere in the world.

Past projects

3D Scans

We have lots of experience capturing 3D scan data for a variety of products, industries and end-uses.

3D scanning support

Need accurate 3D data of existing objects without draining internal resource?

We deliver 3D scanning across many diverse industries providing accurate and adaptable services to improve your design and inspection work.

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