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Automotive & Motorsport

For custom performance parts or the reproduction of obsolete components, 3D scanning is vital in the Automotive and Motorsport industries.

From cars to motorcycles and bicycles to trucks, using 3D scanning for after market parts, customisation, tuning or restoration is a perfect use case. Efficiently create duplicate reference data of existing parts or scan an area for fitment or space constraints.

3d scanning sector automotive and motorsport


Shorten Development Cycles

3D scanning quickly creates reference data that can be worked from

Capture complex, flowing surfaces

Manually measuring compound surfaces is difficult and prone to errors

Replicate out-of-production parts​

Paired with 3D printing, 3D scanning can help replicate parts that are no longer available

Generate data that fits perfectly

3D scanning digitally replicates reality perfectly and this is crucial for well-fitting parts

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