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About Formeon

Your 3D development partner

Located right in the heart of UK manufacturing, the Midlands, UK, Formeon specialises in cutting-edge 3D scanning technology and reverse engineering services.

Our expertise spans a range of industries, utilising the greatest of equipment and hardware to provide form capture solutions. From recreating legacy parts to aiding in new product development, our experience ensures precision and innovation in every project.

At Formeon, we are committed to delivering bespoke solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients, maintaining our role as a trusted partner in engineering development.

Our promise

Working with us

Formeon distinguishes itself through its advanced expertise in 3D scanning and experience in being a dedicated reverse engineering partner. This enables us to carry out efficient 3D scanning and reverse engineering jobs for both small one off jobs and large-scale projects. Our product design background and appreciation, paired with rapid turnaround times ensure that client demands are met without compromising on accuracy or detail.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our operations. Formeon prioritises understanding each client's unique requirements, making sure our solutions are what is expected and is of value for each job. This includes providing in-house or on-site scanning services to ensure convenience and goes further to ensure that every solution we deliver is perfectly aligned with our clients' specific needs and expectations.


Formeon offering

Our services range from inspection to reverse engineering to offer a full form capture and engineering development service

Portable on-site or in-house 3D Scanning

We travel up and down the country to bring metrology-grade 3D scanning to your factory, workshop or site. Part small enough to send? We also scan in our purpose built studio.

Part Inspection

From colour map analysis for surface or cross section deviation to first article inspections we cover all types of part-to-CAD or part-to-part analysis.

Reference Data Creation

We can support you by generating a mesh file that helps inform design decisions such as spatial models, CFD/FEA mesh bodies or construction references.

Data Archiving

Once the data is captured it can be stored on our server for future use or reference anywhere in the world. The data could be used for spares inventory management.

Reverse Engineering

The process of turning scan data to usable, editable and manufacturable CAD data. For more information on this service visit our reverse engineering page

Exact NURBS Modelling

Modelling the flowing or organic forms of parts and objects in CAD can be challenging, but using surface models created from scan data simplifies the process for complex, compound surfaces.

Design Intent Modelling

Design intent CAD models capture the original designers's intent by flattening distorted faces or correcting out-of-round features back to their intended round shape.

About Mike

The Formeon founder

"As a Product Design Engineer by trade, I’ve always been focused on telling the story and providing the technical outcome that meets the exact demands of our customers. That sums up my goal with Formeon: to listen, understand, and execute with precision and laser-focus, the goals and outcomes desired by our customers.

With experience spanning various industries, from eMobility to medical devices. I've worked with global design teams to turn ideas into reality, tackling complex designs with innovative problem-solving and analysis.

Why start up Formeon?

The journey into 3D scanning started during COVID with my first scanner, a Revopoint POP. While it had its challenges, I quickly grew passionate about 3D scanning and the data it generated. After trying out a few other scanners, including a PEEL 3D scanner and most recently, a Creaform system, I decided to invest in creating Formeon, a technology-driven 3D engineering studio offering 3D laser scanning and reverse engineering services.

I look forward to getting involved with many new and exciting projects!"

Mike Rose
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