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The Main Benefits of 3D Scanning

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In the changing landscape of engineering and design, the integration of 3D scanning technology marks a solid shift away from traditional methods of data capture.

At Formeon, we’ve embraced this piece of tech and  facilitate its impact on countless projects across various sectors.

This exploration highlights the main benefits of 3D scanning, including speed, accuracy and the ability to analyse the data in ways not possible with manual techniques.

Raw Speed

Fast & Thorough Data Acquisition

Gone are the days when traditional measurement methods like CMM and hand tools were sufficient.

These techniques, capturing one data point at a time, are very slow and inefficient. Even sweep techniques in CMM cannot be compared to the sheer amount of points collected with 3D scanning.

In stark contrast, 3D laser scanning provides a new era of efficiency. It can capture millions of data points per second! This not only accelerates the data acquisition process, allowing projects to progress rapidly but also ensures an exceptionally detailed and complete dataset, a feat not possible with conventional methods at this scale.

Time-Saving in Design

The design stage, often laden with its own unique challenges, is significantly streamlined by 3D scanning.

Imagine needing to integrate your new component into an existing product. Here, 3D scanning excels. It captures every contour and crevice, providing exact dimensions for the new part to fit flawlessly.

This level of detail and precision dramatically reduces the time and resources typically consumed in the design process.

Data Accuracy

Comprehensive Quality Control

In the world of manufacturing, the quality of the production parts is paramount. 3D scanning is an invaluable asset in this regard. It performs non-contact inspections, quickly assessing overall shapes and sizes, and promptly detecting issues like part warpage or dimensional discrepancies when compared to the original CAD.

When coupled with advanced statistical analysis software, 3D scanning becomes a cornerstone for maintaining and predicting manufacturing quality on the whole as a whole and not just a small number of points

Unrivalled Accuracy

Emerging as robust competitors to CMM machines, 3D scanners offer metrology-grade precision. Their ability to capture full part surface data is essential for tasks where warpage trends need to be spotted early and acted upon with process control.

This level of precision is especially critical in sectors where the slightest measurement error can have far-reaching consequences.

3D Scan Exclusive Benefits

Non-contact Measurement Advantage

The optical basis of 3D laser scanning means physical contact with the object is unnecessary. This is particularly beneficial when measuring delicate, intricate, or deformable objects.

Non-contact measurements ensure the object’s integrity is preserved, resulting in accurate data free from distortion.

Remanufacturing Without Original CAD

A standout application of 3D scanning lies in recreating parts that when CAD doesn’t exist. Scanning an old part allows for the creation of an accurate CAD model using Reverse Engineering software.

Taking manual measurements can only take you so far with this task and 3D scanning is primed to pick up the slack.

Capturing full surface or feature data, 3D scanning ensures an accurate and complete reference model used to create new CAD files.

3D Scan Exclusive Benefits

The benefits of 3D scanning are plentiful, but its most significant impact is seen in its speed, thoroughness, and accuracy.

It has transformed how we approach measurement, design, and quality control in engineering and manufacturing. With its rapid data capture, precise measurements, and ability to facilitate the remanufacture of parts without CAD, 3D scanning stands tall as a must-have tool in industry.

At Formeon, leveraging this technology allows us to consistently push the boundaries of what is achievable in engineering and design, ensuring our customers remain at the forefront of their field.

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