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Brembo Brake Caliper

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We Use a Technology to Match The Engineering

The 3D scan data this Brembo brake caliper serves as a solid foundation in the development of multiple areas of automotive engineering.

Firstly, this data can be used as a reference model making sure there is no fitment issues or clashes expected with a particular set of wheels or suspension setups.

Next, this data can be used as part of reverse engineering workflow where the engineering team might want to replicate or improve upon the current design. We can create editable 3D geometry that is a replica of the real-world part.

As we’ve done in other projects, using the data with a specific mode of visualisation gives us an enhanced representation of our 3D scan data. Almost X-ray in appearance and function, we are able to analyse features on the inside of the part including holes, mounting points and surfaces.

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