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ATTBLIME AB6 3D Scanning Spray

ATTBLIME AB6 3D Scanning Spray

£26.99 (Inc. VAT £32.39)

  • 3D scan difficult surfaces effortlessly
  • No post-scanning cleanup required
  • Thin, uniform coating based on cyclododecane
  • Disappears cleanly without residue
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ATTBLIME AB6 is a purpose-developed self-evaporating (sublimating) 3D scanning spray based on the reliable raw material cyclododecane. The AB6 spray is in the longer-lasting category of 3D scanning sprays.

The effective scanning duration ranges from 2 to 6 hours, while the sublimation period, or the time it takes for the spray to dissipate, spans approximately 6 to 24 hours. These times can vary based on environmental factors such as the surface of the component, room temperature, air circulation, and humidity.

This scanning spray is free of ethanol and adamantane. AB6 adheres to both porous and non-porous surfaces, including textiles, wood, glass, painted surfaces, metal, plastic, stone, mortar, and paper.

The spray cans feature a unique SHC system (spray-head-change-system), allowing users to adjust the layer thickness and, consequently, the sublimation times for different application angles and spray widths.

ATTBLIME AB6 is perfect for temporarily matting surfaces for optical 3D measurement technology without the need for part-cleaning. Reference point markers can easily be applied to the treated area also.


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