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Oriental Statue

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Colour capture reveals much more than meets the eye in a 3D scan

We’re often asked, how good is the colour on our 3D scans? We get it, most of what Formeon completes does not include colour textures and is more geared towards geometrically and dimensionally accurate scans.

Turns out, people are surprised when they see the results. And it’s easy to see why!

We were approached and tasked to create a colour 3D scan of an Oriental statue. Our customers’ goal was to create a digital version of this artefact and be able to share it with colleagues not located on the same site.

There was lots of small detail in this and whilst having a colour scan was the main goal of this project, having the surface data reveals a whole new aspect to this artefact.

“We needed to share this beautiful piece with our sister office in Munich. Since COVID we don't travel as much as we used to. Having a 3D scan and sharing the result is now our go-to method since it reduces travel expenditure, is safer and is much faster. Not to mention it doesn't degrade over time!”

During the 3D scanning process, our scanners are able to pick up colour detail and perfectly replicate the scanned surface in full colour texture in addition to the blue, surface detail seen above.

Our customer was blown away by the level of detail and intricacies we were able to capture.

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