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Nissan 370z Full Car Scan

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Capturing The Complex Surfaces of a Nissan 370z

When it comes to the development of after-market parts for vehicles one major challenge stands out. Design teams struggle to capture, measure or reference the intricate details and sweeping surfaces of the car’s outer shell.

Doing it by hand? No chance…

Our blue laser scanner’s purpose in life is capturing every single curve, edge and surface on that car shell, as well as any other parts we throw at it. We’re able to digitally realise even the most intricate trim details, black plastic elements and clear components.

Our scanning process left no stone unturned with every body section, all the sills and the precise positions of wheels being recorded.

When we team up with designers, this data is like a treasure map. It can be used to influence and direct design solutions and solve problems, like making the car more aerodynamic, adding some extra flair to the bumpers or creating new carbon fibre panels.

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