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Nissan 370z Front Wheel Arch 3D Scan

Other Projects

Assessing Suspension Geometry & Analysing Wheel Clearance

Measuring complicated geometry such as that seen in automotive suspension design is difficult, time-consuming and prone to error if done manually using traditional methods.

Using our blue laser scanner, we were able to get into the wheel well and scan millions of reference points that can be used for measurement, clash conditions or fitment reviews.

We also scanned the entire front wheel which allowed us to digitally fit the wheel and inspect the fitment from angles impossible to be seen in reality. Viewing the scanned 3D data in this way allows the parts, surfaces and components to be seen without other parts obscuring the view such as body panels or plastics.

Running the scanned data through an extra piece of software give us a further, valuable insight to the inner workings and potential clearance and fit issues a car might have. Aftermarket manufacturers creating new components for automotive applications find this kind of data extremely useful. The outcome is an almost x-ray view through the data.

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