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Nissan 370z Boot 3D Scan

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Creating a Digital Reference of The 370z Boot Space

The 370z is known for a few things but its boot space isn’t one of them. It could be worse, however, Audi for example managed to squeeze in two rear seats for the TT resulting in less usable boot space and two equally unusable rear seats.

3D scanning the boot space of the 370z was carried out with relative ease (relative to how flexible your body is!) and our HandySCAN 3D scanner was the perfect companion with its accuracy, mobility and size small enough to fit into the nooks of the boot space. The surface data captured is ideal for aftermarket product design or motorsport development due to its extreme, high resolution and high accuracy quality.

This 3D scan was captured with a metrology-grade blue laser scanner meaning the surface information captured is accurate and reliable. This, and many other 3D scans of the Nissan 370z are available so get in touch to find out more.

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