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Behind the Scenes: 3D Scanning and Designing DJI Avata Accessories

Two Bar Labs, a 3rd party accessory manufacturer, spotted a gap in the market for their range of protective, functional and utilitarian accessories for the DJI Avata drone. This drone is such that it enables the user first-person sight of what the drone see’s through a purpose built set of goggles. It sounds awesome, because it is! It was an exhilarating afternoon with the guys from Two Bar Labs and one that almost opened our wallets - but there was work to do.

We took the drone back to our studio and began taking 3D scans. Two Bar Labs initially only needed a scan of the drone, but they felt it prudent to get all the parts and components scanned in case they needed it in the future.

Two Bar Labs uses Solidworks as their CAD system so we knew they could utilise a number of our available scan export formats. A combination of .stl files and reference surfaces (NURBS, in .stp format) were provided and worked from to create their first designs for their new range of accessories for the DJI Avata.

“Formeon we’re great every step of the way. We had never done this before, so their knowledge and support was invaluable to the speed and efficiency of our project. On a personal level, it was encouraging to see their intrigue and interest in our demo drones too - we knew we were in good hands”

Once the designs for their range were complete, we were able to support Two Bar Labs in prototyping physical parts by 3D printing their designs and assessing the part’s fit, function and ease of use. In this case, Two Bar Labs also got some promotional photos completed for building hype and anticipation for their new range.

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