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3D scanning supplies and accessories

Industry leading brands and products created to make 3D scanning faster, simpler and more valuable

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3D scanning and reverse engineering services

Providing 3D scanning and reverse engineering services that free up your design and engineering resource to accelerate your time to market

Accessories to help anyone 3D scan



3D Scan Reference Markers

Engineering support

Your partner in of 3D scanning and CAD generation

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After market & motorsport

Industrial Manufacturing

Aerospace & Defence

Consumer products

Healthcare & Medical

Robotics & Machinery

Reverse Engineering

The process of taking a 3D scan and creating new CAD. Reverse engineering offers a cost-efficient and effective method for replicating, evolving, or preserving physical components.

Form Capture

We 3D scan objects and assemblies for measuring, inspection or referencing purposes across many sectors and industries.

Option 1

Send parts for 3D scanning

Send the parts via a courier to us for 3D scanning in our purpose built studio. Once we’re done, we’ll send them back to you.

Option 2

Mobile On-site 3D Scanning

If transporting the part or assembly is impractical, we provide on-site 3D scanning whether it’s on the shop floor, in a workshop or out in a yard.

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Partner network

Advanced 3D printing

We leverage our additive manufacturing partners and use 3D scan data to re-create accurate, physical parts. This partnership further reduces the development cycle and saves unnecessary outlay of time, effort and/or money.

Work with Formeon

We create precise 3D data and generate solid CAD models for re-manufacturing, replication, or development without consuming your internal resources.

We're 3D scanning experts

Learn more about 3D scanning

There are lots of elements to 3D scanning and reverse engineering. If you need help with something specific get in touch or visit our Information Hub.

Shop with Formeon

We use 3D scanning accessories daily and know what works best for your projects. We stock only leading brands and the most useful accessories on the market.

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